Dental Clinics   Breakfast With Children   Educational Child Sponsorship
Let Love is currently opening two dental clinics. One facility will be located in Callao, Peru and the other in Chincha, Peru. These cities are located on the coast of Peru.  We have secured all the necessary equipment for these clinics and will soon be shipping them.   “Breakfast With the Children” (Desayuno Con los Niños) is an ongoing program in which 40 to 60 children are given a substantial breakfast every Saturday morning and are entertained with children’s activities.   Our Sponsorship program for 40 Children from the Callao area will launch at the beginning of the 2020 school year. This program spotlights our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty by providing a safe environment to educate and nourish the physical and spiritual needs of marginalized children.

Classroom and Dormitory Construction Project   Medical Campaigns   Dia Del Nino
In June of 2019, Let Love Int’l will commence the construction of a school that will house our Child Sponsorship Program. The site of the construction will be on our property in Callao, located a short distance from the public school.   Let Love International conducted a it's first free medical clinic in Callao, Peru, on Sunday ay 6, 2018. Over 60 residents received medical care during the clinic which was provided by 15 local healthcare professional volunteers.   “Dia Del Nino" is an ongoing program in which we take certain days and we dedicate it to children in need. The above photo was during Christmas time when we brought the childrn some gifts.