Esther (R) is the force behind our "Walking With Jesus 2021 Project. We thank God for her.



The goal of the project is to present Jesus as the personal Savior of our children. This is accomplished while teaching them about their identity, self-esteem, family, and personal values through a program of Evangelism and Biblical Discipleship.  It is our hope that through our creative and quality workshops children may have a better future, long for education and avoid drugs, crime, and temptations they encounter when faced with the real world.    Our children will be firm in their biblical convictions and sensitive to God's voice,

Our workshops will be conducted three times a month in local communities and will be staffed by professionals trained in Christian pedagogy. 

A key element of the Walking With Jesus Program is our training program to develop quality teachers of our children. Since only 22% of the local churches have formal training or Sunday Schools, it is imperative that training be provided to those entrusted with the task of teaching our children. As a prerequisite of our program, the local church is required to commit to a formal children’s education program. Our classes are free for the teachers and are offered so that Church leaders will be able to start Sunday schools and continue the discipleship of their children with weekly lessons in their churches. Let Love Teach will provide remote and onsite support until they are able to function on their own.

Our Let Love Care Mobile Dental Clinic will operate in conjunction with the Walking With Jesus program to provide dental care to children participating in the program, thus giving full support to our ministry.

It is expected that by the end of 2021 we will have visited 36 villages in the most rural areas in the Apurimac and Cusco regions and will have graduated approximately 900 to 1400 children through our educational workshops. During this same period, we will have trained and supported 100 local Christian teachers.