For just $300.00 Let Love can provide for the dental needs of 50 children!  The value of these services would exceed $6,000.00 in the U.S.  Thanks to people like YOU, volunteer dentists, donated dental equipment and donated clinical space, we are able to provide these services.

Peru ranks with countries having the highest tooth decay amongst 12-year old’s and has only one dental professional for 9,000 people. Little or no dental hygiene education is available to the poor, and the future appears bleak.

Let Love International recently opened its first Dental Clinic in Callao, Peru. The Let Love International, CARE Dental Clinic has already begun to make a difference.

The clinic is headed by a full-time Peruvian dentist, Becky Valenzuela. Becky is qualified in her country and she has a deep knowledge of the needs of the poor and the needs in the field of Peruvian dentistry. She is a dedicated health professional who has supported and attended dental clinics in the mountains of Peru. Becky is a bi-vocational Missionary who recently graduated from Transcultural Missions in the Latin American Missiological School of the NEWMA Mission. She is also an English student at ICPNA-LIMA.

The services offered are critically needed in this extremely poor area.  Care is provided based on need with nominal fees charged based on the patient’s ability to pay.  This is consistent with our policy of committing to projects that will be self-sustainable.  It is estimated that the clinic will provide 1,740 services by the end of it first year.

When Dental mission teams are sent from the USA to serve in Peru, they will have a clinic and local dentists to work with!