During the past year, Let Love International has served  the local community in the Callao area. By forging  strong relationships with two government  Health agencies, together we have been able to get needed health services to people that previously did not have access to them.  The Municipality of La Perla and Let Love have pooled their assets in medical campaigns to serve the local area. Over 500 people have been beneficiaries in these full service medical and social campaigns. In 2019 we also sponsored a children’s deworming campaign, an adult vaccination campaign  and a vitamin campaign for children and pregnant women..

This year Let Love  donated medical and biosecurity equipment and supplies to the La Perla Health Center. This was very helpful in dealing with the Country’s shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when the Covid virus crisis began.

In spite of COVID-19  Let Love will soon finish the construction of two houses  and the minor remodeling of another, in the slums of “Canada’’. The foundations and infrastructure for these homes were completed one week before COVID caused the shutdown of all construction.  Soon, three young children and their families of low economic resources will benefit from this project.

We have already begun planning for 2021 to extend social assistance to some of the poorest communities in the mountains of Peru, providing shelter and food and developing partnerships with the municipalities in the area.