The third Sunday of August in Peru is celebrated as "El Día del Niño" (Children's Day).
Last year Let Love helped sponsor a special party for the children of the poor neighborhoods on this day. Gifts, candy and a special meal were given to  the children by  volunteers  in those areas. Over  250 children in Callao, Piura and Chincha,  received something special that day.  This is a  happy day for the children because they receive gifts and very special treatment from the wonderful volunteers.

This year because Covid restrictions  we could not have a group party, but we were able to  share gifts with them on their special day.

 We also have special celebrations with the children at  Christmas.  Last year there was a   party, with entertainment, games, music, gifts and  "Peruvian Paneton and Chocolatada ". More than 78 children attended this celebration. All of the children received an additional gift for one free visit to the dental clinic.

Let Love is pleased to see the smiles on the faces of these children as they celebrate and  feel loved in a safe and caring environment with people that love them.