We have several campaigns that we are launching in 2021.  But as they say, you are only as successful as your Team. Therefore one of our Campaigns for 2021 is to Build our Team. If you are interested you can request to join one of our teams here in the USA or one of our teams in Guatemala or Peru. We offer both part and full time opportunities in whichever area you choose.



  A Let Love International TRIP MEMBER is any person that has joined us on an International Missionary/Service Trip or is currently enrolled in one for the future.  Many of our Trip Members spend their only vacation(s) with us on the Mission Field. We love them dearly. Join us on our Next Trip. We promise you, your life will never be the same.  




  A Let Love International MISSIONARY is any person who has obeyed God's calling on their life and has been sent from their church to one of our Mission Fields, part or full time, to fulfill our purposes and mission.  




  A Let Love International LOCAL VOLUNTEER is any person that lives locally on or near one of our Mission Fields and volunteers their help or resources to perform necessary work to fulfill our mission.  




  A Let Love International MEDICAL VOLUNTEER is any trained professional in the Medical or Dental Field who has volunteered in one of our past Medical Campaigns or is committed to help in a future campaign.  




  A Let Love International PROFESSIONAL VOLUNTEER is any person that has a Professional Career and volunteers their time and services to help advance the causes and mission of Let Love International.   




  This group is made up any person that has been voted on to the Board of Let Love International, Inc. This group is made up of our Visionaries and Strategists who are responsible for the decisions that take place on and off the Mission Field on behalf of Let Love International.  




  A Let Love International DONOR is any person, group or entity that has made a financial commitment whether cash, goods or services  to Let love International on a one time or  recurring basis. As much as we need money, we also need supplies. We really appreciate our Donors!  




  Let Love Global Investors (LLGI) is a global family of leaders committed to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and express that commitment through their calling and anointing to generate and distribute strategic resources to Let Love International for the fufillment of Matthew 24:14.  






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